I've been coming to Comic World for years. I've been through multiple owners and several locations with them. The current owners provide a clean and friendly environment, and a knowledgeable staff, along with a solid selection of cards,games and comics and a nice game library to hang out and play.

The store keeps a tight supply. But can get whatever I want ordered in fast if it's not on the shelf.
The events and player community are varied and well organized, so there are plenty of things going on, and plenty of people who are ready to play games.

Overall, I really enjoy visiting Comic World, and I think you will too.

Corey Esser

love the atmosphere of this shop. Everyone was very welcoming and fun to play with. The shop owner kept the store open late for me as I had walked down to see my wife at her store for a while and didn't realize that the store was closing. He waited until I came back so my stuff wasn't locked in overnight. He runs a really solid LGS with very fair prices. Strongly recommend!

Dorsey R.

I love this place! A fantastic comic book selection of new and old, common and rare gems, as well as plenty of great space for gaming. The staff is very friendly and inviting, and have gone out of their way to track down certain books for my collection.

Mike D.

I moved back into the area about 18 months ago and missed my old shop. This shop was very welcoming and quickly made me feel at home. Ben and Todd are very good about ordering issues I may have missed and I love the changes being made to make the store more inviting, like the kids' comic section. I look forward to going in every week!

Greg Althoff

The new owner, Ben, has done an amazing job with the store! Since taking over he has brought new events, more selection and a great energy. If you haven't checked out Comic World later you should!

Steven Stierman

The owner is amazing and their prices are reasonable, I would recommend this to anyone that is looking for a business like this to step in and see what they offer

Jorge R.

Owner is a really cool guy that really wants to help you with whatever you need, and he has an amazing selection

Connor R.

Great staff, great community. 40K has a home in Dubuque!

Joshua Thomas